This is no museum, and not in fact a palace. This is a huge villa estate that once belonged to an Italian aristocratic family that used the estate as their summer home. Today a non profit organisation is in charge of taking care and restoring the estate to its original glory, incorporating modern art throughout the mansion’s walls. The combination of the architecture and design creates an incredible sensation when visiting there. 


This castle hotel stands in a village of the Umbria County, just a two hours drive away from Rome. There are spacious private apartments and rooms in the hotel. Amenities include a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and menu featuring fantastic cuisine. The hotel has an ancient castle prepared and set for any fairy tale wedding. 


This villa is located in the Chianti Region of Tuscany, surrounded by endless acres of vineyards on all ends, this is the perfect setting for both an exquisite wedding and a classic Italian getaway.  The villa is designed mainly for weddings, it has a pool, spa and sensational locations for ceremonies and functions. 


Weddings in Italy

Beyond the spectacularly designed rooms and expansive carpeting stretching across the floors the hotel offers varied amenities by the hotel staff, activities in the area and the nature that encompasses the hotel. To top it all off, the fact that swept us off our feet - the hotel is located only an hour drive from Rome… simple travel logistics to such a perfect place to have an Italian wedding weekend away.


This is one of the places that we personally loved the most. there is something very simple yet magical in this hotel. Not sure if its due to the quaint animal yard or the free strolling goats everywhere, the view to the valley and the lakes nearby, the luxurious pool and the floral gardens blossoming cohesively in all corners of the hotel. Maybe this is the genius behind the authentically preserved buildings.. For sure- This location is simply perfect for a wedding weekend in Italy.


השירות שלנו


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