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Vacation in Greece or Italy

There is no better place than the Greek Islands or Tuscan Valley to experience culinary delights, to stay up all night dancing, take adventurous trips, see exhilarating beaches and be immersed in a fantastic culture. Wedaway have specifically found comfortable locations that are easy enough to get to yet still accommodate secluded functions which afford all their guests with real freedom.

Once in a Lifetime Experience

It doesn't happen often that you can go on an amazing vacation with all your loved ones together.  Your tailer designed destination wedding abroad by Wedaway is an opportunity to have a vacation of your dreams and to declare your love together with your specially invited guests.

The Wedding Ceremony

No wedding is complete  without a symbolic ceremony that emanates true love and friendship. You have the freedom to choose from any non denominational  or traditional styles you like. There is something very extraordinary having the ceremony you want with just your dearest friends and family present.

A Never-ending party

This time your wedding celebration can last as long as you choose. Imagine no shut down time, no religious limitations, your wedding venue is tailored exclusively for you to do as you will, to dance into the small hours of the night, to be as classy as you want together with your closest friends and family. Don’t want to stop the fun? have a pool party the very next day..

Orgenizing Intimate Weddings Across the Sea

Intimate Weddings Across the Sea

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השירות שלנו


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