What do you do exactly?

We plan and produce unique weddings that are very different to the standard wedding that we are all too familiar with.  We have personally flown to both Greece and Italy many times in order to investigate and discover the places that are the most suitable to get married at. We accepted this challenge throughout our investigative journey, we wanted to find places where one feels as if they are at the end of the world, yet does not take more than two and a half hours to reach.

We have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge for these villages and islands and are ready to even organize trips and excursions, which are not wedding related, for each and every guest at your wedding.

There was not one hotel that we did not spend the night at, nor one restaurant that we did not eat at.

We are here so that we can share from our expertise and experiences, and escort each couple throughout their journey to tying the knot. At Wedaway we assist everyone from beginning to end, from choosing the location, finding the right suppliers, finding the correct match for their needs, and of course, coordinating all aspects of the wedding in real time.

We will do everything so that the couple can lean back and get married in true style and comfort.

What is the difference between a wedding in Greece and a wedding in Italy?


A wedding in a Greek boutique hotel , or on a Tuscan country estate are both dreams that can come true, however, these are two very different dreams.

Typically a wedding in Greece, is based on beaches, pools, sun, ouzo and taverns. The flight to Greece (from Israel) is no longer than two hours long, thus allowing the time to have the wedding celebrations extend over two-three nights.

A wedding in Italy is simply filled with nature, exhilarating views, luxurious country estates, castles with many hidden stories, excursions, Italian food, pasta making lessons, horse-riding, sunbathing by the pool and of course luxurious spas equipped with Jacuzzi and delightful treats. A flight to Italy (from Israel) is 4 hours long and therefore it is better to plan the wedding over 3 nights at least, so that you can allow your guests to fully enjoy the hotel and the magnificent surroundings.

What is included in the wedding package?

Our wedding packages include the following integral elements: An insane location for accommodation and the wedding party, travel plans for all the guests, from the airport and back, high quality catering for the wedding banquet, meals throughout the guests stay, all this whilst being personally escorted by our wedding planners throughout the whole weekend.

Every package, is unique and has its very own story defined by the island’s ambience, area, climate and atmosphere.  After you have decided where to get married and when, what the concept will be and who is invited... we can start thinking of any additional suppliers you may require – may it be a photographer, DJ, hair and makeup or even a Bouzouki band.




Is a wedding overseas suitable for everyone?

Not at all !!

A wedding that takes place overseas is directed for people that are bored of the conventional wedding celebration and are in search for a wedding that will suit their needs, personally.

For instance, the wedding will not end after 4 hours, won’t break the bank, and would finally be tailored specifically to suit your needs and be true to each couples life philosophy.

wedding overseas is more suitable if you are able to reduce your guest list significantly and want to extend the wedding celebrations from just a few short hours to three days at least…

A wedding overseas is best for those who wish to try save on their wedding expenses. On the way gain a vacation with their closest friends and family, and can even start their honeymoon.



Couples always ask us …



An overseas wedding sounds like a very expensive affair, so how does it work out so cheap?

Your guests are personally responsible for their own flights. Flights to Greece and Italy are very similar in price, as long as you plan and book in advance. You are responsible for spoiling your guests from the moment they land, so as to ensure that they can have an unforgettable experience. You will be surprised by the cost, it sounds like an expensive affair yet a wedding set overseas can prove to be significantly cheaper than a traditional wedding at home.

Would the guests really be prone to buying a flight ticket for our wedding?

Totally! Even more than that, people are looking for any reason to party. Our couples are always worried about what their guests would say… from our experience, 100% of the invitees buy tickets and attend the wedding. This is because they understand something very simple. Beyond the flight expense, they do not have any more expenses for the trip. They actually gain an amazing and all-encompassing holiday together with their most loved ones, simply for the price of a flight ticket.

What size of a wedding are we talking about?

This style wedding is ideally designed for just a few guests. We have created personal connections and agreements with hotels and resorts to even accommodate up to 120 people. In most cases, the more people you have at  your abroad wedding the more the price drops significantly per head.


Got It! So where do we start?

Firstly, congratulations!

Make contact with us and find out more what it means to work with us, and if it suits you. Together we will meet and figure out what is the best formula to match your needs, taking into account the size of your guest list and budget.

Just a tip from us -  We highly recommend to start planning your Greek wedding as early as possible, even a year in advance, in order to assure that all the dates, packages and suppliers are available at your convenience.

Which suppliers do you work with?

We work with both local suppliers and suppliers from Israel. We have our house suppliers that work with us and give us fantastic prices, as they love the opportunity to fly overseas and change up their working environment. All you need to do is pay for their flight ticket, and they are yours throughout the entire weekend.


Do you assist in organizing a charted bookings for flights?

From our experience, it is advisable that everyone buys their own flight ticket. Booking for a large group does not necessarily mean a better deal, quite the opposite, it actually makes the bookings more expensive.


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